Residential Treatment Programs

When suffering from mental and behavioral health challenges, days get longer and longer. The lack of motivation and dissatisfaction you hold begins to anchor your self-esteem, and you feel stuck. Simply waiting to “feel better” does not work like it use to.

Those who fail to seek treatment will often fall back into old habits and head down a path that only gets darker. For many who seek treatment for disorders, such as severe depression and anxiety, find residential treatment programs as a great option.

The Benefits of Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs provide a safe space by making sure helping hands are always available for clients. By staying at the residence, clients can focus solely on the ‘bettering’ of themselves. A treatment team will always be at your convenience, supporting you during your stay to comfort and relieve any complications, if needed.

Studies have shown that a Residential Level of Care has a higher success rate than any other form of rehabilitation. A change in the environment has been linked to a more successful rehabilitation process. Furthermore, the change of environment removes any stressors or temptation an individual may have, allowing for a focus on both themselves and the area surrounding them.

Residential Treatment At The Wave of Clearwater

The WAVE International, an AHCA-licensed treatment facility, promotes a personal empowerment-based approach to life that develops individual potential, the one true gateway to health, happiness and opportunity.

Our Clearwater FL location, The Wave of Clearwater, fits into this mission as it provides a women-only treatment center that focuses on healing mental and behavioral health challenges.

When at The Wave of Clearwater in our Residential Treatment Program, you will enjoy the opportunity to focus on recovery from symptoms that interferes with YOUR enjoyment of everyday life in a safe, relaxing setting.

Our treatment center offers 24-hour supervised care for clients who voluntarily enter treatment with us. During this time, you will participate in individual and group therapies driven by a specialized treatment plan and skilled clinicians using evidence-based interventions.

Other healing methods include yoga, art therapy, expressive art therapy, meditation and mindfulness activities, massage and fitness classes. These enable you to sample tools you may want to continue with when you return home. The facility also offers a sauna and an outdoor deck for relaxation.

While in residential treatment, issues such as trauma, anxiety and depression, PTSD and addiction will be addressed. We encourage loved ones to visit during visiting hours and family counseling sessions are available.

When preparing to leave residential treatment, clients, along with their treatment team, will develop a discharge plan that includes follow-up services with a therapist and physician, and a lower level of care if appropriate.

From there, you will be on your way to taking your life back and finding the everyday enjoyment you seek!

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