Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about The Wave of Clearwater:
Q: Who does The Wave of Clearwater serve?
The Wave of Clearwater treats women who are experiencing mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder from trauma, anxiety disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and panic, and other mental health challenges that interfere with the ability to enjoy life.
Q: Is the staff at The Wave of Clearwater women only?
All members of the treatment team present in the facility are female.
Q: What time is the curfew at The Wave of Clearwater?
The Wave of Clearwater does not specifically have a curfew. However, programming ends at nine o’clock pm and clients are encouraged to begin to prepare for sleep early to be able to fully participate in programming the following day.
Q: Are electronics permitted to be used at the treatment center?
At the discretion of your therapist, you may use your cell phone, laptop and other electronics during free time.
Q: Is wifi available at The Wave of Clearwater?
Yes, clients may connect to the guest internet service.
Q: What amenities can I expect to enjoy at The Wave of Clearwater?
Our treatment center offers a gym, sauna, therapeutic jacuzzi, areas for relaxation and meditation, games, a pool table, ping pong table, television and a library of videos.
Q: Will I be able to leave the treatment facility during my stay?
There are supervised outings throughout the week to nearby parks, beaches and area attractions. There is a weekly shopping trip to the grocery store for necessities as well.
Q: Does The Wave of Clearwater provide transportation to or from treatment?
Legal regulations make transportation possible only while a client is in treatment at the facility. Therefore, transportation to or from treatment is your responsibility.
Q: Are pets permitted at The Wave of Clearwater?
Pets are not permitted.
Q: Can I smoke or vape while visiting or staying in the treatment center?
Clients may smoke during specified times in outdoor smoking areas. Vaping is not permitted.
Q: What will I need during my stay?
Pack a week’s worth of casual attire for your stay. Laundry facilities are available at the residence. Each woman is provided with basic toiletries as well. An example of needed garments would be pants or shorts, shirts and underwear for seven days, nightwear, workout wear, one bathing suit, comfortable walking shoes and shoes to wear on the beach.
Q: What type of meal service is available to clients?
Breakfast is an array of continental choices. You are able to select your lunch and dinner from options provided by a local catering service.
Q: Are private rooms available?
All rooms at The Wave of Clearwater are private.
Q: Can I bring my own medication?
Please bring whatever medications you are currently taking in the original bottles. These will be reviewed and approved by our medical staff. Our medical staff may prescribe medication while you are here, which will be obtained for you from a local pharmacy.
Q: Are family members welcomed?
There are specific visiting hours for The Wave of Clearwater. If your therapist recommends, you can participate in family therapy sessions while you are in treatment.


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