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Treatment Approach & Therapies

What is Perception Therapy®

Our perceptions about ourselves, others, and life around us begin at birth and continue throughout life.

For most, perception is equal to truth. Whether the perception is true or not makes no difference. The only thing that matters is, “I was told or taught this by a perceived reliable source, so it must be true.”

Perceptions drive behavior. For the individual, that behavior may be positive or negative, productive or unproductive, all depending on how one was taught to perceive and think.

We recognize that the perceptions we are taught are actually someone else’s, not our own, and these perceptions were taught to them by someone else. Are these perceptions true, or are they just perceptions that they have been taught by well-meaning or even misguided individuals who have also been taught by others?

A Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® Approach

The philosophy of Perception Therapy® is to examine all aspects of the individual’s life in a clinical and holistic way in order to determine the best course of action to treat the whole person, while uncovering and resolving underlying problems. This is enhanced by employing Perception Therapy® and Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® techniques. We believe that the answers do not lie in behaviors, but rather in the thinking that produces the behaviors. Therefore, current behaviors are accepted in a non-judgmental, compassionate way. Treating only the behavior does not address the cause of the problem, as behaviors do not just happen by themselves. Thought (the Mind) produces behaviors as well as emotions, both being positive and negative.

Many behaviors are a result of psychological, physical, spiritual, and environmental issues, and can be successfully treated utilizing a variety of clinical techniques combined with alternative healing methods. In some cases, medication management may be indicated and can be a helpful adjunct to the therapeutic process.

Perception Therapy® allows the individual to come to his/her own conclusion. This yields a more productive result, not only in one’s thinking, but in behaviors and “whole person” well-being.

It is critical to remember that perceptions are just not the result of thought. They are affected by how one feels physically (the body), how one views his or her own place in the universe (the spirit), and the surroundings one finds oneself in (the environment). That is why the Perception Therapy® treatment program includes opportunities to participate in yoga, meditation, journaling, art therapy, cinema therapy, and numerous other activities designed to help heal the whole person.

In order for behaviors to improve, the thinking mechanisms producing those behaviors must be altered. “When thinking changes, behaviors will change by themselves.” Perception Therapy® helps the individual positively change that thinking.

Instead of declaring “I am an alcoholic” you will hear yourself say “I am HAPPY.”


You are a living, always moving organism capable of making adjustments to yourself in every single moment.

The WAVE of Clearwater experts use traditional and innovative clinical mental health services designed to meet the needs of our clients at every stage of treatment.

Our team of highly-trained, compassionate experts strives to provide the highest quality of care to all our clients in residential treatment program (Coming soon!) with cutting-edge coordinated care that is responsive to the needs of each person.

Residential clients have private, executive style bedrooms and access to facilities including a fitness center, kitchen area, game room, art studio, yoga studios, sun deck and Jacuzzi.

Individual Therapy

Based on Perception Therapy tailored to the individual’s unique story. Care is given to guiding the client to understand cause and effect: the ‘why?’ behind thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Individual therapy is the foundation to change and well-being-we must understand who we are, how we perceive the world and remained defended, looking outward for what it is we need to give ourselves as adults. Attention is given to uncovering what is hidden within with compassion and skill. Acquiring knowledge is necessary in understanding parts of ourselves we have invested energy in avoiding. With new information and insight into ourselves we can finally take accountability for what does not benefit us under our own skin. We can all change in every single moment.

Couples Therapy/Family Therapy

Nothing challenges our stuff more than immediate family and relationship. When we are in relationship we make assumptions that the other person knows us: who we are, what we need. In treatment, doing the work, you will suddenly see yourself for the first time realizing what you were carrying inside projecting outward onto other. Well-being is an inside job: with self-esteem you give yourself what you have been seeking outside yourself. With self-understanding, compassion, and new skills, you can let other be. Relationship is an entirely new experience. In relationships dynamics are in place. When one changes those dynamics must change. It is important that you and your partner have the same foundation built on mindfulness and have an arsenal of new skills to increase personal accountability for individual discomfort.

Group Therapy

A huge benefit of interacting with others is practicing new skills learned in treatment in a monitored environment. Clients often speak of rehab and the outside world as 2 worlds. World is world-our stuff will be triggered whether we are in rehab, the market, online, or driving. The sooner we can practice living mindfully in every moment life becomes an opportunity for building self-esteem, self-awareness, and accountability. Often clients have isolated themselves or have perceived themselves as very social without knowing who they are and what they are projecting outward. Groups are wonderful in facilitating greater compassion towards ourselves and others-a necessary component in building positive relationships in the world.

Expressive Therapy

Expressive art therapy makes the unconscious conscious. It is a liberating activity using materials (2 or 3 dimensional), writing, drama, music or movement revealing parts of us that have been hidden or kept us stuck. Freeing our expressive self and aligning with our true essence can be life changing. The beauty of expressive art therapy is no prior experience is necessary. In fact, it is often the person who says, “I cannot draw a straight line” who becomes surprisingly awakened, delighted, and invested in the process.

With insight comes validation and increased self-esteem. Through the expressive arts we experience relief reconnecting with what we often look to others for: understanding and connection. Expressive art therapy in groups increases compassion and empathy toward ourselves and others. We have everything we need right inside ourselves. The process of using the arts to express ourselves frees us from our limiting minds reconnecting us with the answers we carry within. We don’t have to go anywhere to find ourselves. We just have to let the inside out.

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