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Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, can make it difficult or even impossible to live a care-free life. People with PTSD can suffer from symptoms that make it hard to have relationships or even keep a job. If you’re suffering from PTSD, you’re not alone. A PTSD treatment center is a great option for helping you learn to overcome and live with your symptoms while living a successful, productive life.

Many people who seek help from the PTSD treatment center at The Wave Clearwater also struggle with other issues. If this is the case for you, it’s key that you look into mental health treatment programs that offer a variety of treatment modalities. If you are struggling in your search for PTSD treatment, make sure programs offer a variety of  treatment modalities.

What Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

While many people associate post-traumatic stress disorder with military service, the disorder can affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. Not everyone who witnesses or experiences a traumatic event will develop PTSD. There are over millions of cases of PTSD in the United States each year – you likely know someone who has suffered or is suffering from the disorder.

PTSD symptoms typically set in within a month of the traumatic event, and may include:

  • Reliving the event, as if it were happening in real-time
  • Extreme emotional distress at situations, sounds, sights, smells, and/ or people that remind the person of the traumatic event
  • Avoiding talking about or thinking about the traumatic event
  • Always being on guard, being easily frightened or startled
  • Nightmares that may or may not include aspects of the initial trauma

These are just a few of the possible symptoms of PTSD. People who suffer from the disorder may experience it in different ways. A PTSD treatment center can help people who have the disorder overcome their symptoms by processing the traumatic event in a healthy, safe, productive environment.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

At The Wave Clearwater, we offer trauma-informed therapy. Our staff understands post-traumatic stress disorder and the issues it can cause. We offer several different treatment options, including:

  • Traditional counseling
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Expressive therapy

We understand that there is no typical case of PTSD, and we take a unique approach to treating each of our clients. When you reach out for help at The Wave Clearwater, a counselor will work with you to understand your unique situation. Together, we’ll create a treatment plan that will get you started on the path to recovery.

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There is hope for people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders. You must work with a qualified professional who has field experience in treating trauma.

If you have PTSD, or you’re showing symptoms of the disorder, you may also be struggling with other mental health conditions. You must seek help from a PTSD treatment center that offers a variety of treatment models. Our centers for PTSD treatment use a trauma-informed approach, which is the best way to begin your path to healing.

At The Wave Clearwater, our staff is here to give you the help you need. Whether you need help with PTSD, we’ve got you covered. Contact The Wave Clearwater at (727) 437-7771 to talk with one of our admissions counselors.

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